The journey of an athlete begins with school & community participation, progresses through the zonal & district levels onward to representing India at the national & international level. However, this journey from interest in sports to participation to potential and then to excellence is a long and tough road and success rates are as low as 2-3%. This is where our aim is to focus on increasing the awareness of sports and cognitive development amongst school children. It is also imperative to develop a specialized sports program for the specially abled children.

The objective of “Board of Sports Studies” is to formulate the strategy for incremental improvement of sports education in India. Sports education from early childhood is based on 5 main pillars:

1. Curriculum

2. Sports specific expertise

3. Age appropriate equipment & infrastructure

4. Child pedagogy

5. Special needs – Psychology, nutrition, mental fitness

These pillars that support the sports education model require expert guidance to set best standards and keep on improving, and that’s where expertise of the best minds in the field helps in tackling various challenges that are faced while delivering the sports program at school/grassroot level.

Age appropriate curriculum is needed to be developed and improved as the society advances. The mix of methods and techniques with modern technology & regional integration for delivering the desired sports education helps develop the sports pedagogy for children. The means to deliver sports education, i.e. age appropriate and child safe equipment and infrastructure, is also to be designed, developed and improved. All this combined with sports specific expertise and other aspects of child development (such as nutrition, psychology & mental fitness) are directed towards creating a sustainable model that can add value to the society.