Make your kid a creator for life by unlocking these Levels

Fitness & Conditioning Shapes Basic Rolls Basic Flexibility Basic Yoga Basic Meditation
Level 1
Young Visionary
Skill : Advanced Programming
Strengthening & Locomotion, Basic Balance, Advanced Rolls, Advanced Flexibility, Suryanamaskar, Basic Roundoff
Advanced Balance,Advanced Roundoff,Bridging Skills,Suryanamaskar II,Prop Skills,Advanced Yoga Poses
Level 2
Level 3


Why Gymnastics for kids?

The values that you instill in your children as part of their sports experiences have an immense impact on them. Every aspect of their life in general in the short term and well into the future will be positively influenced.

Who will teach them?
  • National Level Athletes
  • Experienced Coaches
  • Child friendly Trainers
  • Good Communication Skills
What are the equipment required?

Mattress, Pillows/Cushions, HoolaHoop

How will they be taught?

A trainer accompanied by a monitor will conduct the class using online tools such as Zoom.