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Portable Swimming Pool

Portable Swimming Pool

A swimming pool whose structure is supported by a MS frame. It also includes a sand filter with a pump that is fitted to the filter, which helps clean the pool water continuously.
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Material :“1) 800GSM Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Coated High Strength Fabric
2) Both sides acrylic
3) Breaking strength: 3500N/5cm
4) Tear strength: 500N
5) Adhesion: 90N/5cm
6) Temperature Resistance: -30⁰C to 70⁰C
7) Light fastness: 7-8”
Features:“1) Above Ground pool
2) No excavation required
3) Effortless shifting of pool through quick and easy dismantling and installing process
4) Anti-tear swimming pool fabric and anti-rust frame and supports
5) Efficient cleaning of water through the sand filter”

Includes:“1) Supply of Pool Structure
2) Installation of Pool Structure
3) Filtration System: Sand Filter & Pump
4) Deck for the Pool
5) Plumbing & Electric Connections for the Filtration System
6) Cleaning Accessories:
a) Vacuum Pump
b) Vacuum Head
c) Hose Pipe
d) Telescopic Rod
e) Leaf Net
f) Nylon Brush”
Excludes:“1) Transport: at actual
2) Chemaical for treatment of Water
3) PCC Flooring for Base
4) Electric connectin till the Pool Site
5) Water Filling of the Pool
6) Any other Civil Work
7) All other things not mentioned in “”Includes”” section ”
Sizes : 6m x 3m x 1.32m (25000 ltrs),10m x 5m x 1.32m (66000 ltrs),15m x 5m x 1.32m (1,00,000 ltrs),20m x 8m x 1.32m (2,11,200 ltrs),20m x 10m x 1.32m (2,64,000 ltrs),25m x 10m x 1.32m (3,30,000 ltrs),25m x 12.5m x 1.32m (4,12,500 ltrs)


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