What are portable swimming pools?

Isn’t it wonderful when we go on vacations and are sitting by the beach or the pool and just enjoying life? Now wouldn’t it be better if we were well equipped to jump into the pool and have a great time with the people that we’re with?

One of the major problems which Indians face is the unavailability of swimming pools. In urban cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, or Bangalore swimming pools are accessible in five-star hotels, clubs, or very few schools and buildings which would mean that learning swimming becomes difficult for the general public.

When we look at swimming there are many benefits to it as a form of exercise. Some of these benefits are –

1.      Swimming helps build endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and builds muscle strength.

2.      Swimming helps tone muscles and builds strength.

  • Swimming gives you an all-body workout as nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming.

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the benefits of swimming, let’s talk about why swimming pools aren’t accessible to people in India –

1.     Space is a huge constraint in cities and urban cities. Building a swimming pool requires a large amount of space and the availability of huge spaces is a problem.

2.     Most swimming clubs or pools are expensive and thus unavailable for the general public.

3.     Requires a huge amount of civil work.

 Kindersports believes that swimming is an essential life skill that must be learned by all. To tackle this problem, we’ve come up with a portable swimming pool with the main aim of making it accessible to all. How are we doing it? Read the entire article to find out!

What are portable swimming pools?

A portable swimming pool is a pool that’s made out of cloth which is so tough that it can even block bullets! The Kevlar sheet is strong, durable, and can hold up to 4-4.5lach liters of water! A portable semi Olympic swimming pool that is 25m in length can be assembled and disassembled within a week!

Where do I install a portable swimming pool?

With the option of a swimming pool being portable, you can now set it up in many places such as –

1.       In your backyard

2.       On rooftops of buildings or school

3.       In house swimming pools

4.       School grounds

5.       Building societies

6.       School basement

How do I maintain my portable swimming pool?

One of the major issues that are faced by institutions that build swimming pools is the cost of its maintenance. To hold any repairs or even cleaning of the pools is a huge task. In a traditional swimming pool setting, one must first drain the water; wait for the water to evaporate before starting on any repair work. Maintaining a portable swimming pool is comparatively easy it’s a pool built above ground so conducting repairs is fairly cheap and an easy task.

Reusing of the space –

India is a seasonal country. The portable swimming pool can be built during the summers and then rolled up during winter. When the pool is rolled up, this space can be utilized for a variety of different reasons. This is a great benefiting factor especially in urban cities where space is already a major problem.

Draining of water –

Once you are done using the swimming pool, draining it is an easy task. The portable swimming pool comes with an inlet and an outlet. You can either insert a pipe into the outlet and drain the water or you can use a water draining pipe to let the water out.

In Conclusion – Nikhil Laddha the director of KinderSports believes that water is the first natural environment and is the mother of all sports making it an essential life skill to learn. We believe that with our portable swimming learning swimming has become easy for anyone to learn.