Benefits of playing chess every day – #EkGameHarRoj

Do you remember a time when you played chess at home, with a family member and all the others had you surrounded, and it was an evening well spent?

Kindersports #ekgameharroj initiative made to spread happiness, warmth, and a way for friends, family members, colleagues to bond with each other and leave the stresses they have outside and engage in a war on the gameboard.

Playing one game of chess every day has proven to have many benefits on your mental as-well-as your physical health. It’s a great way to spend time as well as do something meaningful. Kindersports believes that chess is a game of the mind that requires planning, imagination, anticipation, wait, and most importantly it is a war on the game board.

Being confined to our homes and living during a time of economic distress has been tough for everyone. If there’s a lesson from the pandemic then it’s the importance of relationships and being connected to the ones we love.

The Ekgameharroj initiative was taken to tackle mental health issues and to help maintain healthy brain cells. A simple game of chess can provide the following benefits to your life –

1.       Helps in easing anxiety – Chess is a game that requires concentration and observed that chess facilitates a sense of calm and helps manage anxiety and turbulent thoughts.

2.       Enhance your critical thinking skills – In a game of chess players are required to think fast and solve problems as they play. Playing this sort of game leads to analytical thinking whilst developing the ability to evaluate and anticipate future scenarios. This skill also gets forwarded to other aspects of your life when it’s made a part of your daily routine.

3.       Boosts creativity – Before you make a move on the chessboard you play the player in your mind which means that you’ve already anticipated the next moves your opponent is going to make. This requires creativity.

Playing a game of chess every day has been significantly linked to boosting one’s creativity and similar to your thinking skills, these skills will also permeate to the other aspects of your life.

4.       Improved brain health and function – Your brain is the second most important part of your body after the heart. The way we take care of our heart is by eating healthy, eating right, and working out. Similarly, our brain requires some mental workout too and chess provides that. 

Playing a game of chess helps stimulate the growth of dendrites which sends signals to other parts of your body and optimizes neural communication. Think of it as food for your brain.

In Conclusion –

Chess is a game with many benefits. Through our Ekgameharroj initiative, we want to bring back some old rituals where you played a game of chess with your friends after work or during a break to help reduce the work stress but also for a way through which people stay connected. We’ve seen adults play chess with their parents, parents teaching their child how to play the game, colleagues taking a break from chess and playing a game online. We urge every one of you, no matter what your level, to play a game every day and see the difference it makes in your life.