How can wall bars help you stay healthy?

“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen. – Unknown.”

Ever since the pandemic, home workouts have become the new thing. People are now looking for versatile pieces of multi-functional furniture that are used for home workouts that look classy and add to the décor. One such piece of equipment is the Swedish bar or also known as a wall bar. Wall bars are versatile, they’re chic, are great for working out at home or gyms.

If you’re seriously considering buying workout equipment for multiple uses then consider investing in a wall bar. Here are a few reasons why –

Versatility – Classic pieces of wood adds warmth, natural beauty, they’re rustic yet chic and a beautiful way to decorate a home. Wall bars are appealing because not only do they add as pieces of great furniture but they’re also a great way to work out and lose weight.

Sturdy – Wall bars when mounted to the wall are sturdy and can hold up a weight of up to 120kgs which means you can easily use them during your workouts and can be used by kids and adults.

Strength Training – Wall bars are great for strength building and also help in muscle toning. You may find multiple workout routines which help build strength on the wall bar. You can do front support wall bar exercises, back support wall bar exercises; flag support hold, and many more.

Once you’ve used the wall bar for quite some time you’ll eventually notice that your arms and legs are getting toned and that’s because whilst wall bars are perfect for stretching, they’re also responsible for pulling and holding your muscles which results in its toning.

Increases mobility – Workouts on the wall bar are similar to practicing yoga and thus help with mobility. Working out using the wall bar will help stretch and strengthen your back, help improve coordination and increase mobility.

Improves Flexibility – Using a wall bar is similar to practicing yoga so the wall bar will help increase your flexibility in just a few sessions. The wall bar method requires a lot of stretching and various motions where you are required to hold and stay in certain positions. This stretches the muscles thus slowly increasing your body’s flexibility.

Fewer chances of getting hurt – Since you aren’t picking anything or holding anything that isn’t mounted to the wall, the chances of you getting badly injured are very less. Although as we say this, make sure that you only practice the exercises you feel comfortable doing without adding unnecessary stress to your body.

Listed below are a few exercises that one can do on a wall bar –

1.      Front support for straight arm strength.

2.      Back support for straight arm strength.

3.      Flag support hold.

In Conclusion –

Wall bars add texture to your home, are versatile in use, and are an investment worth doing. A quick search on the internet will give you many wall bar exercises responsible for strength building, muscle toning. It’s also a great tool to practice yoga.