Benefits of gymnastics stretches for kids – 

1.Straddle Stretch –


Lengthens your neck.
Strengthens your back.
Increases lung capacity.
Increases flexibility in the thigh and leg.






2.Downward facing dog –


Strengthens your vertebrae, aligns your spine and improves your posture.
Increased blood flow and stimulates circulation as your heart is placed directly above your head in this pose.
Strengthens your shoulders and arms.
Stretches the hamstrings, calves and ankles.




3.Vrikasana or the Tree Pose –

Improves your balance.


Improves neuromuscular co-ordination.


Improves alertness and endurance.


Strengthens legs and hips.




4.The Camel Pose –

Stimulates the endocrine glands.
Strengthens and stretches the thighs, arms, back, and shoulders


Improves flexibility especially in the spine.





5.Butterfly Stretch –

Has a soothing and relaxing effect on your body physically and mentally.


Reduces depression.
Strengthens your spine, the muscles of your back, and knees.



In Conclusion –

These gymnastic stretches are easy to do and don’t take a lot of time. Practice them every day with your kids for a healthy lifestyle.