How can a yoga ball help you in day-to-day life?

Yoga balls are also popularly known as Swiss balls, physio balls, balance ball is a type of exercise equipment that helps you stay fit. These balls are made of vinyl material and are used to improve your core stability, help balance your body and also improve the strength of your core. Over the years yoga balls have found their way out of the gyms and into the homes of many fitness enthusiasts, offices and other such commonplaces. In this article, we’re going to highlight a few key points on how a yoga ball can help you in your daily life as well as the various uses it has outside of the gym.


How does the yoga ball improve your everyday life?

Yoga balls are great for working out and for sitting on when working. Here are a few reasons why –

Strengthens your core –

Swiss balls are great workout equipment. Simply swipe your exercise bench with a Swiss ball when you do your core workouts. Performing crunches on an exercise ball can boost the activation and flexing of your muscles anywhere between 24-38% when compared to crunches done without a ball. You can try out a variety of exercises on the Swiss ball such as rows, dumbbell press, bicep curls, etc.

Yoga balls are great for pregnant women –

A yoga ball can help women sit correctly without slumping which is essential especially during the last stages of pregnancy to help the baby get into the correct position. Moreover, a yoga ball distributes your body weight evenly so relieving the spinal pressure and easing any back pain or pregnancy nibbles you may feel.

Yoga balls help with postpartum –

Yoga balls feel great to women who’ve given birth after 6 weeks. Women should deflate the ball so it gets extra spongy. Along with recovery shorts, sitting on a yoga ball will really help in comforting your pelvic floor and recovery post-birth.

Improving flexibility –

Yoga balls are great for improving flexibility. Even if you don’t incorporate it into your everyday workout routine, use it to stretch your body before and after workouts. Using a yoga ball for stretches can reduce the risk of injury and ensure that your muscles function at their optimum.

Improve your balance –

A yoga ball is also known as a stability ball because even simply sitting on the ball will help engage your stabilizer muscles. When you sit on an exercise ball you end up using your back and abdominal muscles to maintain your balance and posture which in turn helps in the proper alignment of your back and prevents back injuries during workouts.


In Conclusion –

While using the yoga ball has many benefits, sitting on it for long bursts of time such as hours may not be fruitful. One must make use of the yoga ball for a maximum of 2 hours and must always get up and take short walks when required to sit in one place and work for long hours.